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Camo Suit Yarn, Customize or Build Your Own Camo Suit
This one-pound package of Ghillie Suit yarn is great for building your own ghillie suit, blind, or weapons cover. It includes heavy-duty synthetic yarns -- just like we use to build our suits -- in brown, light olive, foliage, olive drab, desert tan, dark green and black. The thick synthetic yarn will not absorb water, is fire retardant, odorless and non-allergenic.
Buy one pound for repairs or small projects or buy three or four pounds for complete suits. Mix and match your colors.
We recommend dessert tan and brown for desert, add foliage for the plains. Olive drab, dark green, light olive, brown, foliage and black are recommended for woodland and forest applications.
Colors: Black, Dark Green, Desert Tan, Olive Drab, Foliage, Light Olive, Brown.
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